A Life Exposed: The true story of shame, triumph and love Beverly Schlechter
A Life of Creative Business Herman H. Rappaport
A Promise To My Mother Delois C. Lindsey & Sheila L. Traynum
Brad’s Story: Of Dreams & Addiction Bradford Berg
Determined Av Perlmutter
Destiny With Angels JayJay Isis
From Shirvent to Africa Shulamith Katzman
In the Shadow of the El: Memories of a Brooklyn Childhood Joseph Costigan
Just One Question Ty Sassaman
Pursuit of Freedom Susanne Reyto
That’s Another Cup of Coffee Sara Tenaci
The Hollywood Clown Jason Lassen
The World’s Richest Busboy J.J. Brito
You Can Do It! Stanley A. Dashew & Josef S. Klus
100 Young Americans Michael Franzini
Able Nancy Henderson Wurst
A Requiem to my Parents in 51 Pieces John Runnette
Amazing Grayson Jerry Broadway
America’s Many Faces Dario Lisiero
An Elegy for the Lost City Johnny Goldstein
Bush Unplugged Marc Umile
Favre Brett and Bonita Favre with Chris Havel
Orléans Embrace with The Secret Gardens of the Vieux Carré TJ Fisher, Roy F. Guste, Jr. and Louis Sahuc
Papal Apology Dario Lisiero
The Life & Legacy of J.O.B. Moseley: Our Journey Together Vivian Hyde Moseley
TV Firefighters Richard Yokley
The Winner Dario Lisiero
Business Books
Blood, Sweat and Tears: The Small Business Trap Ian Turner
Don’t Show Me Your Bling, Show Me Your Portfolio! Leebrina Blackwill 
Top 10 Skills for Interviewers: How to Ask the Right Questions to Create Targeted Learning Solutions Michele B. Medved
What a Business Owner Needs to Know About Reputation Management Ian Turner
Children’s Books
A Bright and Shining Morning Lenny Granger
Archy the Flying Dolphin Alan Williams
Frankie Fraction and the Pepperoni Pizza Problem Rusty Fischer
Hope Adam Eisenson
If You Believe Paula Labaredas
Leebrina Leebrina Blackwill
Maui and the Sun Sally Murphy
Ms. Will Leebrina Blackwill
Murphy’s Safety Songs: Tuneful Tips for
Tots & Spots
Tim Young
Pie Brown Leebrina Blackwill
Shanica The Mermaid Leebrina Blackwill
Tanglewood: This Could Be Big! Robin Garland
The Chameleon of Camerone Dinah Miller
These are Happy Tears! Robin Garland
Tyrone Leebrina Blackwill
Healthier Living Guides
Come Cook with Me Chef Denis J. Will
Metabolism Makeover Robert Ferguson
The California APO E Gene Diet Pamela McDonald
The Healthy Obsession Program Dr. Daniel Kirschenbaum
The Joy of Eating Cookbook Robert Ferguson
Historical Novels
Abelard and Heloise: Between the Lines Dario Lisiero
My First Life Dario Lisiero
How To: 14 Days of Breastfeeding Nutripaeds
Safari Through African Folklore Embroidery Leora Raikin
The Applica-Phobia of College Admissions:
Why “Getting In” Starts With Your Resume
Patricia J. Finer
Addicted in Film (and its accompanying Recovery Movie Meet-Ups Workbook) Ted Perkins
An Eternal Crown Jordan Serchuk
Angel’s Requiem Kate Kindle
Antidote Jonathan Berzer
Banking, Beer, & Robert The Bruce T. Ian Fleming-Wade
Bedtime Stories Dario Lisiero
Castor and Pollux Dario Lisiero
Crossed! Liz Abbott
Daughter of New York Aylerion
Daughter of New York II Aylerion
Dead Inside Dario Lisiero
Devil’s Doorbell: A John Treehorn Mystery Dinah Miller
Dot-com and Stuff Like That Aaron Iceman
Events D.L. Golemon
For Those Who Believe: The Secret of Rasghar Michael Silano
Gaia’s Revenge Patrick J. Fleming
Gift From The Stars James Gunn
Goblins of Grace: The Priceless Prince Louis R. Canonico
Healers Ronnie Mills
Honeymoon With Harry Bart Baker
Honeymoon With Harry 2 Bart Baker
Indian Posse: A John Treehorn Mystery Dinah Miller
Isabella’s Heart Sara Tenaci
Justice Unfinished Dario Lisiero
Lasting Impressions Yanique Beliard Michel
Naked Heart Nicholas Smith
Peyote Coyote: A John Treehorn Mystery Dinah Miller
Pulse of Time: Book One – Arms of Fire Aylerion
Q.O. (Quiet Operation) Marc Schlechter
Remains Mark W. Tiedemann
Ruins of Grandeur Donald G. Geddes, III
Shadow Dancer: A John Treehorn Mystery Dinah Miller
Skyeyes Edward Es
Stolen Sisters: A John Treehorn Mystery Dinah Miller
Tattoo You: A John Treehorn Mystery Dinah Miller
The Amber Conspiracy Gil Cope
The Bingham Penitentiary All-Star Country Band Mark Traversino
The Brigade of Light Mark Dodds
The Devil’s Concubine Sebati Edward Mafate
The Hangman: A John Treehorn Mystery Dinah Miller
The Losers’ Club Richard Perez
The Pearly Gates of Purgatory TJ Fisher
The Phantom of the Hollywood Bowl Mark Traversino
The Politics of Contraband Johnny Andersson
The Power Potential Mark Rivard
The Stagecoach: A John Treehorn Mystery Dinah Miller
The Third Threat Barbara Blackburn
The Virgin Daiquiri Bart Baker
The Wedding Gift Bart Baker
The Willow Tree Brenda Whitfield
Through The Eyes Of My Soul Sara Tenaci
Time Camera Terence Lee
Under the Gaze of Hercules Eldonna M. Ruddock
Vasona’s Secret Barbara Tah Gwanmesia
What Remains Bart Baker
When The Cobra Strikes Sebati Edward Mafate Tom Grimes
Woman at the Well Brenda Whitfield
Poetry Anthologies
All That Remains Peter Serchuk
Lash & Luster Andrew J. Lala
Pop Culture Anthologies
Investigating CSI Edited by Donn Cortez with Leah Wilson
King Kong Is Back! Edited by David Brin
Mapping the World of Harry Potter Edited by Mercedes Lackey
So Say We All Edited by Richard Hatch
The Da Vinci Mole Dr. Ian Browne
The Man From Krypton Edited by Glenn Yeffeth
The Psychology of The Simpsons Edited by Alan Brown, Ph.D. and Chris Logan
Totally Charmed Edited by Jennifer Crusie with Leah Wilson
Welcome To Wisteria Lane Edited by Leah Wilson
Bound for Destiny Anand Varma
Discouraged Workers Cary G. Tengel
Elements Demetrios Reginiotis
Father Theo Thedore Johnson
Ghetto Profits Walter Richardson
Lost Giants James W. Miller
Love, Deals, & One Rotten Dog Aaron Iceman
Risky Perm Aaron Iceman
Savage Spirits Deak Ferrand & Mark Edwards
Straight Up Walter Richardson
The Birth Of A Giant Mark Abraham
The Ibis Blade Terence Lee
The Man Who Attended His Own Funeral Mark Abraham
The Music Man Sharon Nash
The Paper Chase April Taylor
The Royal Affair Thedore Johnson
Short Stories
A Question of Honour S.K. Ho
Betrayal Ramona Valentin
Cherry Soda Chris Olmstead
Family Entertainment Mark Traversino
Greenworld John Vivolo
Humping the Boonies S.K. Ho
Past Becomes Present Rebecca T. Urrutia
Randolph and the Lemon, Lemon Seeds Nicholas Smith
Randolph and the Lemon, Lemon Tree Nicholas Smith
The Final Saga of Randall Muntaser Mark Traversino
The Golden Mind S.K. Ho
The Hero Mark Traversino
The Stars Lead Us S.K. Ho
The Tree of Life Adrian Ruehl
The Ultimate Question S.K. Ho
Spiritual/Self-Help Guidebooks
A Fear Not! Degree Is Better Than A Ph.D. Aim Og
A New Dawn Awaits: The Times Ahead and How To Shift Your Consciousness E.Dee Conrad
Beyond Religion: The Spiritual Life and the Experience of God Allen Wineland
Diligently Seeking God Gary Henry
Enthusiastic Ideas: A Good Word for Every Day of the Year Gary Henry
Healing the Corporate World: How Value-Based Leadership Transforms Business From the Inside Out Maria Gamb
Hearsay from Heaven and Hades:
New Orleans Secrets of Sinners and Saints
TJ Fisher
Immortal Soul Ezzrath Baht Shem
Life’s Meaning: The Unification of God, Matter, Man, Mind, and Society Edmund Michaels
Living in Company Nigel Buxton
Long Time No See: Diaries of an Unlikely Messenger Carrie Triffet
Mastering the Art of the Approach Logan Edwards
Meet Your Mind Mark Abraham
Miracles Manifested Melissa Mayo
Money and Marriage: Making It Work Together Steven Pybrum
More Enthusiastic Ideas: Another Good Word for Every Day of the Year Gary Henry
Obeying The Gospel Gary Henry
The “A” Game: How to Meet and Attract Women Logan Edwards
The Art of Dying Valeria Dumitru
The Enlightenment Project Carrie Triffet
The Garden of the Soul Lynn Serafinn
The Gospel as a Spiritual Path Rogier F. van Vlissingen
The Inscrutable God Dario Lisiero
The Mighty Sword Dr. Xavier James Tempest
The Promise of Fulfillment Paulette Sun Davis
The 7 Graces of Marketing: How to Heal Humanity and the Planet By Changing the Way We Sell Lynn Serafinn
The Soul of Selling Carol Costello
The Spirit Among Us: Everything Happens For A Reason Rev. George Saunders & Phillip Ross
The Ultimate Encounter Dario Lisiero
The Void Inside: How To Fill It Dianne Marie LeDuff
The World Anew Paul A. Zecos
The YES! Book: Adventurize Your Life Tracy Pattin
Torah Through Time Shai Cherry
Truth and Light: Reflections on God’s Absolute Statements Gregg Harris
Venus On Top Barbara Wright Abernathy
What If… Mark Michael
Why Wait?: The Baby Boomers’ Guide to Preparing Emotionally, Financially, and Legally for a Parent’s Death Carolyn A. Brent, M.B.A.
Your Apostle Personality: Tapping Your Divine Character for Success in Love, Work, and Relationships Brett Randolph