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When you put your heart and soul into a piece of writing, it becomes near impossible to find errors in your own work. There is a tendency to be so involved in the content that your mind overlooks inaccuracies in the finer subtleties of grammatical structure.

Having your words professionally proofread and copyedited is an essential step in ensuring they are understood as you intended them.

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Using her eagle-eye attention to detail, Jessica reads through your work and hones in on proofreading issues—such as typos, missing or transposed words, and omitted punctuation—as well as copyediting issues—such as clumsy sentence structure and tense and continuity errors. She also checks the accuracy of facts and figures.

Thanks to her innate proofreading skills and meticulous attention to detail, Jessica’s clients consider her their go-to person in a grammatical crisis. With this in mind, should your words need to go through that final stamp of approval, you could not be in better hands.