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In Memoriam…

While doing research for this new website, I realized that several of my past clients have passed away. It made me sad, so I felt the need to write their names here and memorialize them in some way.

Denis J. Will, Come Cook With Me, edited in 2003

Bradford Berg, Of Dreams & Addiction, edited in 2007

Herman H. Rappaport, A Life Of Creative Business, edited in 2007

Stanley A. Dashew, You Can Do It!, edited in 2010

Stan Dashew just passed away last week. He was 96 years old and a remarkable man! I never actually met him since I dealt with his assistant, but from reading the book I got a pretty good idea of who he was—sailor, inventor, philanthropist, family man, writer. His book is an autobiography that chronicles his many inventions and adventures at sea. He wasn’t a sailor for a living, but he owned seven boats in his lifetime and sailed them often, right up until his death.


These are the ones I know about but I had another client back in 2003 who was in her nineties, so I’m pretty sure she isn’t around anymore either. Her name was Vivian Hyde Moseley and her book was part autobiography/part biography of her life with her husband J.O.B. Moseley. It was titled The Life & Legacy of J.O.B. Moseley: Our Journey Together.

I hope that wherever they are, they are at peace.

Yours in crisp, error-free writing,
Jessica xx

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